Lightroom Classic 7.4 Update is Released

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Lightroom Classic 7.4 Update is Released

Fast and furious, Adobe’s been debugging and updating Lr Classic’s features, and so, the Lightroom Classic 7.4 Update is already here. It was only April when the last Lightroom update was released. This Lightroom Classic 7.4 release has bug fixes, catalog management improvements, new file format support and added features. It’s hard to keep up!

Here’s the basic rundown on new features:

Hide and Reveal Presets and Profile Groups

Lightroom Classic 7.4 Choose to Show or Hide Profiles

Lightroom 7.3 introduced Profiles and additional Presets. In this release

Another batch of updates for Lightroom CC and Classic

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Adobe CC Lightroom UpdatesAs of Tuesday morning, Adobe has released another batch of updates for Lightroom CC and Classic, Lightroom CC version 1.3 and Lightroom Classic CC version 7.3, just two short months from the last batch of updates! Additionally, the Lightroom versions for both iOS and Android have been updated with significant enhancements.

The big focus of these updates are with Profiles — more about those below. Beyond Profiles, most of the updates and changes are incremental and/or community specific requests. Below is a quick run down of the changes for each platform

December Updates for Lightroom CC & Classic

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Lightroom CC (1.1), Lightroom Classic CC (7.1), Lightroom iOS Android mobile Apps and ACR


Adobe Lightroom UpdatesAdobe Lightroom Updates

Hot on the heels of the official release of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe is releasing a full version updates for both of their flagship photography programs. This is an important update as both programs have been plagued with bugs, reports of unsupported camera files as well as a number of key usability issues.

You can read the full, official post here on Adobe’s

Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

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By now you may have  heard that Adobe has introduced two versions of Lightroom. One is called Lightroom Classic and the other Lightroom CC. I equate this new naming to this: after your second child is born, giving that child the name of your first child and giving your first born child a new name. Got that?

This naming was confusing to the Adobe professional community as well – to the point of humor. But nonetheless, Adobe went ahead with the name changes. So let me explain the differences.

Lightroom Classic CC

Latest Version of Lightroom CC 2015.12 Available for Download Now

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Lightroom CC 2015.12/6.12 Available for DownloadAdobe Lightroom CC logo

So, as a quick aside – What happened to Lightroom CC version 2015.11?

Lightroom CC and Camera Raw both share the same Camera Raw engine (Photoshop also uses Camera Raw). So Adobe decided to skip the Camera Raw update name of 9.11 (with respect to the events of 9/11) and rename it to 9.12 and while they were at it, renamed Lightroom to version 12 as well. This also kept the product version naming consistent.

Also, we know that Adobe now has on the

Lightroom CC 2015 6.9, ACR 9.9 – Released Today

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Logo for Adobe Lightroom CCToday, Adobe has released Lightroom CC 2015 6.9 and Adobe Camera Raw 9.9 – Lots of updates!

Today, Adobe has released Lightroom CC version 2015.9 (and Lightroom 6.9) that provides additional camera raw support (that would be ACR 9.9, but no need to download, it’s built in to Lightroom CC 2015 6.9), lens profile support and addresses bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom. Also, for Photoshop Users, there’s an update to Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to 9.9. And, yesterday Adobe

Adobe Lightroom CC 6.8 Released

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Lightroom CC 6.8 was released just this morning. Below are all the new additions and fixes. But first, here is an outstanding new feature in this version of Lightroom:

Lightroom CC 6.8 Reference View

Reference View is a new view mode available in the Develop Module that allows you to compare 2 different images in order to make them visually consistent. This is helpful when making a group of images from a single event look similar or setting the white balance appropriately in mixed lighting conditions.

Lightroom CC reference view

To get started,

Lightroom CC 6.7 Released W Speed Improvements & New Supported Cameras and Lenses

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screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-5-09-16-pmToday Adobe announced the release of Lightroom CC 6.7. It’s important to note before I go into the specs of this version, that it requires Mac OS 10.10 or greater and has compatibility fixes for Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra). I recommend updating to this version of Lightroom before updating to Sierra, just to play it safe. And because this version of Lightroom on Mac requires OS 10.10 or greater, take a look at your “About This Mac” to make sure your operating system is running at least 10.10.

Also note that Adobe Camera Raw got

Lightroom 6.3 Released

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And none too soon. Lightroom 6.3 restores the “Import experience” and returns us to our regularly scheduled program. Quite Literally. We now have the Import dialog we all spent so much time mastering. Adobe heard us loud and clear. This gives me hope.

If you started with 6.2 or, if you want a review of the Import dialog, you might want to read up on importing with the traditional Lightroom Import Dialog: This is a big, fat, simple tutorial for importing into Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom CC import tutorial

Oh, Boy! What a Mess. Lightroom 6.2, But There is Hope!

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What a wild and crazy Lightroom week it’s been.

After the fiasco last week with the premature release of the latest update of Lightroom causing crashes, the subsequent apology and a super fast update to fix the crash issue, I’d have to say to my students and readers, hold off on updating to 6.2! After 690 complaints in just a few days, Tom Hogarty of Adobe’s Lightroom Team announced that they will now revert back to the old import dialog! There are other issues also with 6.2, most importantly, reports of import stalls. Lightroom 6.3 is coming, but we don’t

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