1-2-3 Lightroom Develop Strategy

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Our 1-2-3 Lightroom develop strategy is an easy and fast approach to great results for raw captures (JPEGs, too). Beginners and even experienced Lightroom users can benefit from utilizing Adobe Sensei’s ever improving machine learning. These features are incorporated into the Develop module of both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC. Using the 1-2-3 Lightroom develop strategy takes less time and is far more productive than poking around with sliders, especially if you’re unsure of what the sliders do.

Taking advantage

Lightroom Classic Spot Removal Tool is Slow

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Recently, we’ve had a number of Lightroom Classic 8 clients on older Macs complain that the Spot Removal tool is slow. Even on a 2015 iMac with decent specs, running on an i7 processor with 16GB RAM and Fusion drive, the Spot Removal tool is slow.

Previous Solutions

But before I get started with the solution, I want to point our readers to the Adobe site for general optimization of your hardware and operating system for Adobe Lightroom.

Spot Removal Tool is Slow

Using the Lightroom Radial Filter for Portraits

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I love using the Lightroom Radial Filter. It’s my most used of the Lightroom CC local adjustment tools. One of our clients even calls it the “instant spotlight” tool.

The Radial Filter Tool This is the Lightroom Radial Filter icon

With the Lightroom Radial Filter, it’s possible to add that light back into the subject’s face by simply drawing a circle and opening up the shadow detail. In portrait photography, it’s not unusual for a professional photographer to use something called a “fill card” to reflect light back into the subject’s face. But the

Four Ways to Adjust Lightroom Sliders

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Do you ever find yourself dreading the amount of time it takes to develop all the photos from your last trip? Well, you are not alone! Over and over again we hear from clients about how they avoid selecting and developing because of the shear number of photos they took. One of our solutions is to demonstrate how we take advantage of all the features that Lightroom has to offer. And one of them is, that there are four ways to adjust Lightroom sliders in the Develop module.

We know it sounds a little to simple but, knowing how to quickly

Lightroom Before and After Tools

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How to use the Lightroom Before and After tools in the Lightroom Develop module

I always love discovering something new in Lightroom that helps my workflow and developing process! I’ve been editing (selecting) and developing some photos that I shot for a wedding at a lovely farm in the Catskills this summer. The groom is a good friend of mine and he happens to be a film director as well so, he knows a lot about color process. He and his wife had some specific requests for how they wanted their photos look, which posed a slight

The Easy Way to White Balance Color Cast in Lightroom

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How to White Balance Color Cast in Lightroom

Use the Lightroom eyedropper to color correct your photo Ugly Yellow Color Cast!

You know that awful yellow cast (or blue or green or orange, etc.) that makes an indoor photo look funky and the people in it appear like aliens? It’s called a color cast and White Balancing is how you correct it. This color cast is caused by the quality of light in a room and how the white balance is set on your camera. The room could have fluorescent or incandescent lights (you have camera settings

Making Presets From Lightroom Camera Calibration Profiles

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Recently we had the brilliant Katrin Eismann as our guest speaker at the The Camera Calibration Panel in LightroomNew York City Lightroom Meetup. Katrin is the chair of the Digital Masters Program at the School of Visual Arts and has written dozens of books on photography. Clever, smart and funny, she’s truly one of the best educators I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Katrin’s opinion (and I agree!) is there’s no right or wrong way to develop your photos in

The Lightroom Basic Panel Is Missing

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Contextual Menu showing the options in the Develop Panel The Lightroom Basic Panel Appears in the Contextual Menu


Right clicking – Mac or PC (or Control clicking on a Mac) on a photo in any Lightroom module, will almost always (there are a few exceptions where it doesn’t) call up a contextual menu window of options. But there’s something unexpected that can happen and it usually happens a few days after I teach a student about contextual menus. I get a distress call that the Lightroom Basic panel (or some other sub-panel) is missing and they’re sure

Three Tricks for Closing Adjustment Tool Windows

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LR Shorts: Three Tricks for Closing Adjustment Tool Windows in Lightroom

Animation of Adobe Lightroom Tool Strip

What’s unique about the Lightroom 5 Adjustment tools, in contrast to the other panels in the Development module, is they all require you to tell Lightroom you’re done. Doing that is usually accomplished by clicking on the “Done” button, which closes the Adjustment tool window. But in Lightroom there are many ways to skin a cat and the Develop module’s local Adjustment tools located in the tool strip above the Basic Panel are no different.


Exposure Matching In Lightroom

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At my last NYC Lightroom Meetup at Tekserve we had Worldwide Adobe Evangelist, Terry White as our guest speaker. Easy going, clear and honest (tells it like it is), Terry breezed through two hours of Lightroom tips and tricks, and answering questions on the fly without missing a beat. Terry knows Lightroom like no one else I’ve ever met. Everyone had a great time. Terry also has a comprehensive YouTube channel Lightroom playlist loaded with

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