How to Create Copyright Preset for Lightroom Classic

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It’s 2019 – Time to update your Lightroom copyright preset.

The method to create a Lightroom copyright preset hasn’t changed over the years. But like many things we only need to do once, we forget the process. So, as a public service, here’s the step-by-step process:

Create the Copyright Preset

In the Library Module, go to the Metadata Panel and from Preset pulldown menu on the right side, choose “Edit Presets.” If you should find the Metadata panel completely blank, you’ll need to select a photograph. Then the Metadata

The Lightroom Legacy Catalog Series-Part 2, Back Up Your Photos and Catalogs!

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Back Up Your Photos Before Creating Your Legacy Catalog!

 Recently, David Mark Erickson and I were doing an Intro to Lightroom and Bookmaking workshop and we asked our class two questions:

  1. Can you find a particular photograph in your Library on request? Reply: No one had an effective system for identifying, searching and finding photographs.
  1. Are you backed up? Reply: No.” This wasn’t a surprise. Yet this was a group of wise, intelligent men and women. No one was thinking about the great personal loss that would be, if a hard drive failed or a computer was stolen. Hard drives don’t live

Creating a Lightroom Copyright Preset for 2017

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It’s another year and time once again for updating or creating your Lightroom copyright preset for 2017.


Here’s our simplified, step-by-step breakdown: Part 1

1. Start in the Library Module and go to the Metadata Panel on the right side. Choose “Edit Presets” from Preset pulldown menu (Note: if the Metadata panel is blank, simply select a photograph for the Metadata sections to appear)

Creating a 2017 Copyright Preset in Lightroom 1. Choose Edit Presets

2. The Edit Metadata Presets dialog pops up. It will look daunting, but don’t worry. Show only the sections you will

The Lightroom Legacy Catalog Series-Part 1

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The Lightroom Legacy Catalog

The Lightroom Legacy Catalog Part 1

Many of us remember finding shoeboxes at home, full of photos, tagged with a label and a lid that didn’t quite close, revealing the contents within. They sat on the top shelves of closets begging to be discovered. As kids we’d leaf through overfilled scrapbooks of photos that sat on a bookshelf. The shoebox was where all the other stuff went: forgotten but not gone.

This is the beginning of an ongoing series. We will be taking a deeper look at the Lightroom catalog and

Creating A Target Collection in Lightroom

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Here’s a little known feature of Lightroom: The Target Collection.

As explained in my earlier post, making a Quick Collection and saving it as a Collection is an effective way to manage your photos without moving them from any of their original folders.

The following description of  a Target Collection may (“may” is an understatement for sure) sound confusing.

A Target Collection is when you assign the Quick Collection’s attributes to any Collection folder that you’ve made or saved. It’s a simple right-click away (or Control Click or two-fingered

Clearing Up The Confusion Of The Lightroom Quick Collection (Or Not)

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The Lightroom Quick Collection is a smart way to gather together a group images from any of your folders in a Catalog without changing the location of the original images. It is essential to the process of maintaining an organized library. Whenever you start a new project within Lightroom, a book, slideshow, etc., it makes sense to create a Quick Collection of selected images and then save it. Quick Collections are temporary. Collections are saved Quick Collections. And so, with that confusing comment in mind, I’ve tried to make particular note of those issues that have confounded some my students. For some, this will be less of

Finding Missing Lightroom Photos and Relink Them

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Lightroom is not fun when you can’t find your photos.

And one of the most difficult and frustrating challenges is finding missing Lightroom photos and relinking them. There are a fair number of tutorials on this, but missing images rarely will be found in the same folder as where they were originally located, which is what most tutorials cover. That’s waaaaay to easy. You usually lose (or shall we say “misplace”) images because they were moved outside of Lightroom (we won’t say by whom) using your Finder or Explorer – if you’re on a PC.  So finding and reconnecting the file is

Adding Folder Names To Dated Folders After Importing Into Lightroom

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Lightroom – Dated Folders vs. Titled Folders – I’ll take both, please…

If you’ve watched my previous post on importing into the Lightroom Library, you know that I recommend importing your photos into Lightroom with dated folders. Once you’re back in the Lightroom library, this is the next step – naming your folders while keeping the date up front.

I know, there are two camps on naming folders: one for importing into folders by date and one for importing into folders with names. But I hate having to choose one over the other

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