Welcome to the New Lightroom Guy Website!

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New Lightroom Guy Website:
Same Great Content + More!

It has been a long road, but we finally have our new Lightroom Guy website up and running! As many of our regular readers know, we offer a number of professional services relating to digital photography, computers, software and travel. As our tagline indicates, we offer “Expert Support for Digital Photography.”

While our old website was great for putting our blog posts forward, it wasn’t always clear that we operate as a professional services company. Indeed, our website is our primary source for

APA Partnership and New Lightroom Guy Workshops!

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American Photographic Artists logo, Lightroom Guy workshops

Over the last couple of years, we have been developing a partnership with the American Photographic Artists (APA) | NY Chapter by presenting Lightroom Guy workshops and Tech Talks. The NY Chapter is very active and has a thriving membership. We are happy to not only provide Member Benefits but to offer several, ongoing events and activities planned for the coming year. All events and activities are open to members and non-members alike, with APA Members receiving preferred

Happy New Year from the Lightroom Guys!

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Wishing you all the very best for 2018!

Lake Region in Provincia del Neuquén, Argentina Lightroom Users can learn to develop images like this © David Mark Erickson – Provincia del Neuquén, Argentina

As we reflect back on 2017, it’s been an exciting and productive year and one of many travels for both David Mark Erickson and myself: Bangkok, Budapest, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Italy, Qatar, Seattle as we try to decide where to get started with our travel workshops. Ah, decisions, decisions. More on our travel workshops as they

Adobe Certified Lightroom Expert, David Mark Erickson, Lightroom Guy

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Bourdeau Safari, Africa ©2016 David Mark Erickson

david mark erickson travel photographer lightroom certified expert Photo Courtesy of Anita Nowacka

My collaborations with David Mark Erickson started shortly after the launch of my NYC Lightroom Meetup Group in 2014. I was looking for presenters with interesting perspectives as photographers and Lightroom users. My starting point? Reaching out to the four other Adobe Certified Lightroom Experts in New York at the time. David Mark Erickson was one of them. After David’s

Lightroom Guy Is Now An Adobe Certified Instructor

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Iceland Lava Field

Adobe Certified Instructor BadgeAs a photographer, my focus has been on becoming the best I can be with the complexities and power of Lightroom. I’m very pleased to announce that Adobe has awarded me Certified Instructor status in Lightroom. Different and more coveted than my Adobe Certified Expert status (ACE), an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) is an ACE with proven training expertise. I had to prove my instructor qualifications with referrals from my 9 years at F.I.T. and show that I’ve been an

Lightroom Guy Is Now An Adobe Certified Expert!

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Skeleton Man Skeleton Man ©2014 D.A.Wagner

After waffling for a year, I finally took the challenge to demonstrate my Lightroom skills by taking the Adobe certification exam.

I studied hard making sure I knew all the little minutia that I heard Adobe put in their tests. Sure, I was ready, but on the day of the test, at the testing site, they took away my phone, ipad, backpack, even my keys before they let me into the testing room (yes, it’s on a computer). I was waiting for them to ask me to take

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