CrashPlan Discontinued, Carbonite Not the Solution

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CrashPlan is out. Use Backblaze to back up your photos in Lightroom

To the shock of many CrashPlan users, the online backup provider announced on August 22nd that it will exit the home consumer market and is now referring CrashPlan for Home users to Carbonite. As highly rated as CrashPlan is (was), Carbonite is not; its basic plan is Mac only, leaving PC users to pay more. Additionally, Carbonite only rates a 5 out of 10 rating on Tom’s Guide.*


The Lightroom CC Manual for the Rest of Us

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Lightroom 6/CC Unmasked, the Lightroom CC manual for the rest of usA new Lightroom ebook has just hit the web from fellow Adobe Certified Lightroom Expert, Piet Van den Eynde, of Belgium. No matter how much I use Lightroom, there’s always something new to learn and I found his LIGHTROOM 6/CC UNMASKED (11/26/2017 – Sorry, out of print) to be the most readable and understandable Lightroom CC manual I’ve read to date. Piet (pronounced Pete) is a deeply talented photographer (and fellow cyclist!) and his guidebook is written in clear, concise language with excellent insights for

A Cycling Camera Strap

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I’ve been traveling in France the past few weeks scouting locations and activities for future workshops I’m planning. I’ve discovered a cycling camera strap in the process. As an avid cyclist, some of my research is done riding the local backroads for scenes that are off the beaten track. Of course I go with my camera, but it usually stows in my bicycle trunk or pannier since neck straps are not conducive to cycling.

Black Rapid Camera Strap Like texting and driving, I do not recommend shooting while cycling!

Long ago I’d given up

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