Lightroom Workshops Doha 2019

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The Doha, Lightroom workshops series began with Develop Like a Pro. And, over the next three days, we covered everything from developing, asset management, backup strategies and bookmaking. Working at the Fire Station has been one of my most satisfying teaching experiences.

Lightroom Guy Plans An India Photo Tour

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With the idea of a 2017 India photo tour workshop, I trekked through Kerala, India with a series of talented, local guides by car, bike and foot. It’s an amazing place with infinite opportunities to shoot everything from the local color, to massive terraced tea plantations and Chinese fishing nets, and wild elephants and tigers (which are pretty rare – I didn’t see one).

Map of Cochin, India

My shoot schedule for the first day in India On the night I arrived, my Cochin guide, Shine, wrote down the

Sultan Qaboos’ Grand Mosque, Muscat, Oman

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And, Lightroom Guy’s journey begins. I’m only here for two days before I head off to India. I wish I could have planned to stay longer. Anyway, after some 18 hours of travel I’m at Sultan Qaboos’ Grand Mosque, Muscat, Oman in the gardens. It’s very hard to describe how big this mosque is.

The gardens are meticulous, the marble polished to a mirror shine and the tourists are like lemmings – they go to the big domed mosque and do not wander around this fantastic place.

I will share more as time allows.


Sultan Qaboos' Grand Mosque, Muscat, <a href=

Photographing The Birds of The Camargue

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Part 2 – The Birds of the Camargue 

Drag Slider Left/Right for Before/After Lightroom views
Flamingo coming in for landing – Info: Nikon D810, Nikkor 200-400 f/4 zoom, 1/1000 sec, f/4


In my previous post –The Horses of the Camargue, Serge Krouglikoff of Create Away and I were waist deep in a marsh in southern France, horses charging at us under the watchful eyes of the gardians. At dawn on this day I catch up with Serge and drive to the bird sanctuary in the Camargue wetlands area, the Parc Ornithologique.

Photographing The Horses of the Camargue

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Part 1: The Horses of the Camargue

The horses of the Camargue running Camargue Horses Running in the Marsh

I can’t say “shooting horses,” it just sounds too cruel. But in June I spent two days photographing wild horses and flamingos with Serge Krouglikoff, owner of Create Away workshops and a former London fashion photographer who is a who is a native of this region.

We were in the Camargue, a nature preserve on the delta of the Rhone River that empties into the Mediterranean Sea in southern France. Serge, has made

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