Using the Lightroom Radial Filter for Portraits

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I love using the Lightroom Radial Filter. It’s my most used of the Lightroom CC local adjustment tools. One of our clients even calls it the “instant spotlight” tool.

The Radial Filter Tool This is the Lightroom Radial Filter icon

With the Lightroom Radial Filter, it’s possible to add that light back into the subject’s face by simply drawing a circle and opening up the shadow detail. In portrait photography, it’s not unusual for a professional photographer to use something called a “fill card” to reflect light back into the subject’s face. But the

Lightroom Videos from the Lightroom Guys

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After years of teaching and training hundreds of clients, we are pleased to announce Lightroom videos from the Lightroom Guys.

For a while now, we have been looking at options to get our content online in the form of educational Lightroom videos. Not content to work with just any online content provider, we feel fortunate to have had the folks at Pluralsight ask us to join them as authors. Pluralsight’s commitment to quality is a match for what we are all about: learning Lightroom to become better photographers. We also believe strongly in their editorial process of content review and learning

Four Ways to Adjust Lightroom Sliders

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Do you ever find yourself dreading the amount of time it takes to develop all the photos from your last trip? Well, you are not alone! Over and over again we hear from clients about how they avoid selecting and developing because of the shear number of photos they took. One of our solutions is to demonstrate how we take advantage of all the features that Lightroom has to offer. And one of them is, that there are four ways to adjust Lightroom sliders in the Develop module.

We know it sounds a little to simple but, knowing how to quickly

Lightroom Before and After Tools

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How to use the Lightroom Before and After tools in the Lightroom Develop module

I always love discovering something new in Lightroom that helps my workflow and developing process! I’ve been editing (selecting) and developing some photos that I shot for a wedding at a lovely farm in the Catskills this summer. The groom is a good friend of mine and he happens to be a film director as well so, he knows a lot about color process. He and his wife had some specific requests for how they wanted their photos look, which posed a slight

Easily Stitch and Develop a Panorama with Lightroom CC

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Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge panoramaLast week my video tutorial covered the step by step process of capturing a sequence of photos that you can stitch into a panorama. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how, step by step, to easily stitch and develop a panorama in Lightroom with last week’s photos.

Before Lightroom CC/6 stitching a panorama resulted in a JPEG. But now, in Lightroom CC/6, a raw DNG file is created when you stitch a panorama. Stitching to DNG yields higher quality results than JPEG.

When I’m done stitching the pano in

Making Presets From Lightroom Camera Calibration Profiles

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Recently we had the brilliant Katrin Eismann as our guest speaker at the The Camera Calibration Panel in LightroomNew York City Lightroom Meetup. Katrin is the chair of the Digital Masters Program at the School of Visual Arts and has written dozens of books on photography. Clever, smart and funny, she’s truly one of the best educators I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Katrin’s opinion (and I agree!) is there’s no right or wrong way to develop your photos in

Photographing The Birds of The Camargue

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Part 2 – The Birds of the Camargue 

Drag Slider Left/Right for Before/After Lightroom views
Flamingo coming in for landing – Info: Nikon D810, Nikkor 200-400 f/4 zoom, 1/1000 sec, f/4


In my previous post –The Horses of the Camargue, Serge Krouglikoff of Create Away and I were waist deep in a marsh in southern France, horses charging at us under the watchful eyes of the gardians. At dawn on this day I catch up with Serge and drive to the bird sanctuary in the Camargue wetlands area, the Parc Ornithologique.

Photographing The Horses of the Camargue

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Part 1: The Horses of the Camargue

The horses of the Camargue running Camargue Horses Running in the Marsh

I can’t say “shooting horses,” it just sounds too cruel. But in June I spent two days photographing wild horses and flamingos with Serge Krouglikoff, owner of Create Away workshops and a former London fashion photographer who is a who is a native of this region.

We were in the Camargue, a nature preserve on the delta of the Rhone River that empties into the Mediterranean Sea in southern France. Serge, has made

Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts In Action

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In an earlier post, I wrote about setting View Options – specific camera metadata you can view on your image thumbnails in Grid and Loupe Views (Shutter speed, F/Stop, Exposure, Date, Camera Serial #, etc.). It’s incredibly useful, especially learning what went right (or what went wrong!) with your image captures.

I use shortcuts all the time to turn the visibility of my metadata View Options on and off. But the Lightroom keyboard shortcuts I use in one module sometimes have a completely different function in another module. That’s because, unlike Photoshop, Lightroom appears to treat each module (Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web)

How to Customize the Lightroom Identity Plate

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Lots of Lightroom users out there still have the “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” Identity Plate showing up on the top left of their LR interface. Maybe it’s for no other reason that they’re having fun and have overlooked the option to customize this.

Lightroom Default Identity Plate Default Lightroom 5 Interface

And one of the really cool things to do, right out of the box so to speak (because Lightroom is mostly delivered via the Adobe Cloud), is to customize the Identity Plate and make it your own. It takes about a minute. You can also customize the Identity

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