Is There a Color Cast in Your Raw Capture?

It’s been nearly four years since our last posting on how to correct a color cast. And, although correcting color cast in Lightroom hasn’t changed much over the years, Adobe has done significant, “under the hood” improvements with machine learning. So, it’s time for a refresh and we’re adding our free PDF download, “How to Fix a Color Cast” for reference.

Photo with color cast that requires white balance correction
Get the download link for this practice raw file from our PDF
Lightroom Sliders to Correct a Color Cast
White Balance Sliders + Eyedropper in Develop Module, Basic Panel

For many users, color temperature may not be a familiar measurement. The Temp and Tint sliders are frequently the first place we go in an effort to fix a color cast. But, it’s a bit like trying to drive a standard transmission when we’ve only driven an automatic.

Lightroom Eyedropper to Correct a Color Cast
Use this to fix color cast

The good news is, there is an automatic white balance feature in Lightroom: the Eyedropper. AKA the White Balance Selector, helps us to correct a color cast. The free PDF download will tell you exactly how to use it and when.

Also included in the PDF is a link to our Color Temperature chart to help clarify what the numbers in the Temp slider mean when you are trying to fix a color cast.

Color Temperature Chart to understand White Balance