“Great Tutor – Great Lesson”

“I spent a few hours with David both shooting and editing my photos and was extremely pleased. David carefully selected a location for our shoot that provided me with the opportunity to learn and employ different photographic techniques and to deal with different lighting problems. David is a working professional photographer and effectively passed along a slew of practical and theoretical tips about composition, layering, depth of field and other matters that I was able to put to good use during our time together.

I especially enjoying taking a series of pictures that we later stitched into a large panorama when we progressed to the editing portion of our time together. David has a deep knowledge of photography and is a wiz with Lightroom and Photoshop – and with Mac computers in general. Among other things, David reviewed and explained all of my Lightroom and Photoshop preferences and helped me understand the different options and coordinate my choices and actions so that I could quickly and efficiently transfer images between Lightroom and Photoshop.

David is an enthusiastic, organized and patient teacher who inspires you to grow as a photographer and to learn more about the creative and practical side of photo editing. I look forward to our next time together and recommend David as a photographic and editing coach without any hesitation or reservation.”

David E., Long Island, New York USA

“A Terrific Tutor”

“I feel very lucky to have found David as a photography tutor. He is professional, patient, kind, intelligent, and most importantly…tolerant of my endless questions. My sessions with David are fun and painless… I only wish I had found him sooner. Would I recommend him? My answer is a definite ‘yes’.”

Lynn P., New York, NY USA


“It took me a good while but I did get my photos re-linked, thanks to your patient forensic troubleshooting to work out what the problem was and how to fix it.”

Fran R., Canberra, Australia


“As a teacher myself, having the opportunity to work with someone extremely knowledgeable, yet also understanding and patient with my extreme limitations, was a great help. Even better, for someone like me (beginning to lose my short term memory), I discovered that what he had taught me really STUCK! I also appreciated greatly the fact that he made himself available with the follow-up questions that I had.”

Jeffrey G., Queens, NY USA

“Excellent Instruction”

“In over three years of studying with David, I have learned a tremendous amount about every aspect of photography: I’ve learned to take better photos, organize my photo library with Lightroom, to select my best photos from the thousands I take, develop them using Lightroom’s vast and ever-increasing set of tools, and create beautiful photo books. David is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also an excellent teacher who is a pleasure to study with.”

Dr. Shaula Yemini Alexander, Ph.D., Entrepreneur, New York, NY USA

“Expert and Patient Tutor”

“I contacted David after some struggles with a younger and less experienced tutor. He has sorted everything out in just two sessions. He keeps the sessions moving forward and has a great sense of humor and compassion. If you need any guidance in Lightroom, you’d be very happy and relieved to work with David.”

Mame H., Cleveland, Ohio USA